Welcome to our clinic!

Pediatric Neurobehavioral Diagnostics, in association with Innovative Health Care Concepts, is proud to announce the opening of The Autism Clinic of Idaho!   The Autism Clinic of Idaho offers comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and a full range of treatment services to children and adolescents with autism.  We proudly serve children and their families of Idaho Falls, and surrounding communities and states.

If you suspect your child may have autism, an evaluation is a crucial first step.  This will determine if a diagnosis of autism is indeed appropriate.  It is not uncommon for other neurocognitive disorders to “look like” autism, such as developmental dyspraxia, language disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, intellectual disability, emotional disturbance, anxiety, etc.  Once a diagnosis is made, you will have a better understanding of your child’s specific challenges and a specialized treatment plan can be made.

Early intervention is the key to a positive prognosis.  The medical and mental health profession has grown substantially with respect to treating autism.  It was not long ago when a child was diagnosed with autism, he or she was institutionalized or significantly isolated.  However, today, with intervention, many children with autism progress in their learning and other skills, and can lead happy and productive lives.

Give us a call for more information at (208) 529-8526 Ext. 104

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